Nethits lands at the Polytechnic University of Valencia

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Nethits Telecom Group and the Polytechnic University of Valencia have signed a collaboration agreement that will allow them to collaborate on joint projects and allows our operator to land at the university. Javier Salas, CEO of the company, signed a collaboration agreement to carry out a project with officials of the Institute of Telecommunications and Multimedia Applications and Electromagnetic Radiation Group, “DEVELOPMENT OF TWO BEAM FORMING NETWORKS FOR SIMULTANEOUSLY GENERATING SEVERAL INDEPENDENT BEAMS AT DIFFERENT FREQUENCIES, IN THE 2.4 GHz FREQUENCY BAND OF APPLICATIONS ICM, MULTIBEAM”

The design, management and development of the initiative will have an estimated duration of 6 months but may be extended to other areas of mutual agreement. This development can effectively service UPV internet access via quality wireless in university installations requiring high density of users, such as football fields, concerts … etc.