The 49 Spanish Franchises of Netllar Convened in Valencia to Develop Network Growth

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Netllar franchise network belonging to Nethits Group -after the acquisition of the telephone provider Hits Mobile- held in Valencia its annual convention where the 49 franchised outlets scattered throughout Spain convened. The network will increase to 52 stores next week. Netllar plans are to reach 60 franchises in 2016 and 75 in 2017.


Netllar specializes in the implementation of integrated systems technology, communications, systems, networking and Software, aimed at private companies and public entities and individuals both. Netllar is comprised of more than 200 workers and serves the entire national territory. During the weekend of the convention, held at the Hotel Sorolla, representative of Netllar as well as its CEO Javier Salas presented their plan for a new company, Nethits Telecom Group, for Netllar Franchise Network. The franchise network will now offer TV services, they may also finance new terminals and the connection cost. We will present new agreements with leading technology brands.

The profile of Netllar franchisee is an entrepreneur between 25 and 45 years and their training doesn´t necessarily need to be in the field of telecommunications. The learning curve is relatively short and Netllar provides the required training. The franchise owners are usually from the franchised towns or residents. Some of the franchise owners own more than one franchise.

For Javier Salas, CEO of Nethits, Netllar´s value is “it´s capacity for growth in the residential area, as well as in the self-employed and SMEs markets. And above all its potential of growth in geographic scope: franchisees and dealers”… And especially it’s potential for growth in geographic scope franchises and distributors. “

About Nethits


The business model of NETLLAR is based on franchise services for proximity operators. Netllar is a pioneer in the market by using this system and the rest works through distributors or collaborators.

Netllar recently acquired Hits Mobile, which became part of the new integrated group of companies called Nethits Telecom Group. Hits Mobile is a mobile carrier focused on specific niches of the population and on other relevant groups. It currently has 75,000 subscribers, mainly euro residents such as British, Germans and Scandinavians. Among the immediate plans of Hits Mobile within the new Nethits Group it plans to expand into other niche markets, focusing on new mobile phone users such as the elderly or young people, having invoiced EUR 5.5 million last year.

The creation of Nethits Group after the acquisition of Hits by Netllar aims to gain size in a changing sector characterized by various recent processes of concentration. With this change Nethits gains size and experience to undertake future challenges of internationalization and is positioned in the market with comprehensive service in the field of telecommunications